Guarantee & Deposit

We accept a one hundred dollar deposit as a minimum deposit towards the price of your puppy. The deposit is deducted from the total purchase price when the transaction is completed.

Deposits are accepted in the order they are received and a receipt will be promptly mailed back to you.

If for some reason you can not take a puppy from a litter you have put a deposit down on the depositor may roll his reservation over to another time within reason and only as agreed by myself, Kevin Gilmore.


Any puppy Purchased from Gilmore Brittanys is guaranteed healthy for thirty days from the date of purchase. Any condition acquired in that thirty-day time from the is the results of the puppy’s new environment is the responsibility of the new owner.

To request a reimbursement by Gilmore Brittanys all concerns must be addressed to Kevin Gilmore first before seeking any veterinary assistance. We also require a pre-treatment estimate to be given in writing.

We are not responsible for any flees your new puppy may have. One client took his new puppy home and didn’t give it a bath right away and then thought I should pay to steam clean his whole house. I had advised him to give the pup a bath.

We guarantee the Brittany pups we produce through our breeding program in regards to major hereditary genetic defects that are life threatening.

We will take the dog back and replace it with a pup providing the problem is documented by your veterinary and confirmed by our veterinary as inherited.

All shipping or transportation is the responsibility of the owner. If your dog has been breed or spayed / neutered prior to the age of fourteen months, any and all guarantees or remedies are voided. This guarantee applies to the original owner and the original purchased pup only.

Dogs/Started and Finished:

All dogs are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.

Injuries or illnesses incurred after pick up and not caused by a pre-existing condition are the responsibility of the new owner.

All dogs are guaranteed to perform as advertised by Gilmore Brittanys and will promptly replace the dog or refund your money. It is at our discretion.

Dogs that are not handled properly. abused, not allowed a fair opportunity or neglected, are not covered by this guarantee and said determination will be made by myself and verified by a second party professional trainer or veterinarian.

We are not responsible for any dog owners lack of ability to handle, maintain or tend to the dog.

We can not guarantee a dog that is picked up at the airport and taken right out to hunt in the field. A new dog needs a little time to settle in and get to know his new master. The new dog always needs a chance to settle in and then show their full potential.